Arts for Racial & Climate Justice

logoOur events, "Arts for Racial & Climate Justice," blend soul-stirring music from the  African diaspora with insightful talks, creating a unique space where art meets activism. We explore the deep connections between racial and climate justice, using films as a powerful medium to echo this message. Our initiative goes beyond entertainment; it's a movement that positions the arts as a catalyst for personal empowerment and societal transformation.

At our annual festival, we champion health, sustainability, and climate justice. This isn't just an event; it's a call to action. We engage the public in pressing local issues of racial and climate justice, promote eco-friendly practices, and shine a light on the tireless work of nonprofits in these spheres. Our festival is a hub of collaboration, where ideas on climate justice and food sovereignty converge and take flight.

In Springfield, we've put a spotlight on the Climate Justice Initiative, transforming public spaces with a climate justice-themed mural that speaks volumes without saying a word. Our educational talks and interactive booths offer a deep dive into food sovereignty and urban agriculture. These initiatives are not just about information; they're about connection—linking culture, health, and sustainability in a meaningful way.

Looking ahead, we're excited about our future film projects. These won't be just films; they'll be windows into the lives of communities at the forefront of the climate crisis. We'll showcase their stories of resilience, innovation, and hope. These narratives will highlight how cultural heritage fuels resilience, how traditional wisdom paves the way for sustainable living, and how these communities are not just witnessing change, but driving it.

Upcoming Events

6/19-8/28 2022

Horn Man: 

The Life and Musical Legacy of Charles Neville


Learn more about Charles Neville - CLICK HERE

Photo of Charles Neville
8/12&13 2022

Jazz & Justice:

Programming at our free annual
Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival



Photo montage of the various artist who will be performing in the 2022 Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival

Previous Events

8/14 2021

Jazz & Justice:

Programming at our free annual
Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival



Jazz & Justice: Programming at our free annual Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival
August 14, 2021 in and around Stearns Square, Springfield

  • Festival artist Etienne Charles presents on the African-based musical elements and masquerading of Carnival in Trinidad.
  • Voodoo expert Dr. Ina Fandrich presents on Charles Neville’s socio-cultural background and the African-based spirituality and music with which he grew up.
  • Springfield faith leader
  • A panel of activist reverends (one also a festival musician) and Springfield Climate Change & Health Equity Committee leaders explores the intersections of music, faith, and climate justice activism.
8/07 2021

Anbessa Orchestra feat. GILI YALO



Gili Yalo & the Enbessa Orchestra Play Ethiopian Jewish Music
August 7, 2021  Bombyx Art Space, Florence MA – outdoor and livestreamed   

In partnership with Beit Ahavah synagogue

Gili Yalo, an Ethiopian Jew, tells the story of Israel’s evacuation of the Ethiopian Jews to Israel to save them from danger during a civil war and famine in 1984. He and his group then play the unique, spirited African-Israeli music of his homeland. Songs are in English, Hebrew, and Amharic, the Semitic langue of Ethiopia, creating a cultural bridge between diasporas and raising awareness of how Jews come in many colors. The evening ends with a Havdalah ceremony.

6/10 2021

Elio Villafranca & the Jass Syncopators




Elio Villafranca
Born in the Pinar del Río province of Cuba, Elio Villafranca is at the forefront of the latest generation of remarkable Cuban musicians. The Grammy nominated jazz pianist, composer, and bandleader will showcase his new work Standing by the Crossroads, with his six piece jazz ensemble – the Jass Syncopators. The ensemble adeptly pushes boundaries, infusing jazz with the syncopated rhythms of traditional Afro-Caribbean musical forms. Villafranca’s compelling and complex compositions teem with subtle textures and feature architecture derived from his classical training. This concert is presented by Blues to Green as part of a week-long residency.

Inspiration for Standing by the Crossroads 
In Cuba, religions are very intertwined with the cultural fabric. Santeria, Arará, Abakuá, Congo, Tumba Francesa, Gangá, albeit different, have two things in common— the veneration of their Orishas and the way in which they see the Crossroads as a place of great significance. In Elio’s case, the spiritual concept of the Crossroads touched him the most. Standing by the Crossroads is a project that speaks about his own life experiences as an artist living in Cuba, and the many Crossroads situations he has encountered— from the polarization of musical styles or choices of artistic expression, to moments of life where he was faced with choosing between contradictory paths. These Crossroads moments posed plentiful double meanings and contradictory outcomes such as revolution or autonomy, living in the present or planning for the future, oppression or freedom, and homeland or no land. Different from Elio’s previous projects, in which he focused on honoring the legacy of historical figures such as CINQUE, these Crossroads experiences serve as the source of inspiration for this new work.

4/24 2021

The New Immigrant Experience




Felipe Salles & the Interconnections Ensemble Perform “The New Immigrant Experience”

“The New Immigrant Experience” combines live music from this 19-piece ensemble with video to tell the stories and struggles of nine diverse “Dreamers,” undocumented immigrants protected by DACA. In a panel discussion beforehand, the composer and several featured Dreamers provide context and answer audience questions. This event uses world-class music to help immigrants feel heard and non-immigrants understand and feel compassion for the undocumented immigrant experience.

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