Charles Neville conducting a “New Orleans Second Line” musical workshop at the Community Music School of Springfield’s New Orleans Brass Band Camp, August 2017. 

From left: Charles Neville, Rick Marshall, and Antonia Ortiz-DeJesus (Dave Roback/The Republican)

The Legacy Education Project


  • Brings acclaimed Black and Afro-Caribbean musicians into Springfield public schools to use music to teach history and literature in a creative way that deeply engages middle and high school students.
  • Centers experiences and perspectives of Black and Afro-Caribbean people, nurturing these students’ pride in their heritage and combating racism among white students.
  • Shows how the arts have been and can be used as tools to nurture personal resilience and healing and to create social change.
  • Inspires students musically and connects them to programs where they can learn to play this music.
  • Currently has artists and curriculum for: Understanding the African Diaspora, the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the Great Migration, the Jazz Age, the Harlem Renaissance, and the civil rights movement.


Interested in bringing the Legacy Education Project into your classroom, school, or group?
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Jazz bassist, Avery Sharpe’s residency at Duggan Academy, delving into the study of the Great Migration, the Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz Age
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