Blues To Green harnesses music and the arts to celebrate community and culture, build shared purpose, and catalyze social and environmental change.


We envision a world in which people understand and embrace their connection and interdependence as one human family on one shared planet and appreciate the beauty of our diverse cultural and artistic expressions -- inspiring and empowering us to build a healthy, just and sustainable world.

Our Goals

Blues to Green offers arts access through free music festivals, public talks, workshops and instructional programs, and multimedia presentations. All celebrate the rich heritage of American music, provide educational and artistic opportunities for underserved youth, model sustainable practices, raise awareness about social and environmental issues, bring cultural and economic revitalization to disadvantaged areas, and/or boost other nonprofits.
Bring communities together through music and the arts, building a sense of global community that celebrates differences and transcends divisions between diverse people.
Use music and arts as a platform to raise awareness about issues of environmental sustainability and social justice, and to empower people to take effective action toward shared solutions.
Enrich the local cultural offerings and economies of underprivileged areas, and strengthen residents’ pride in their home and its rich cultural heritage.
Provide economically and socially underprivileged people with world-class music and arts performances and educational opportunities.
Involve diverse people in celebrating jazz and roots music, and the communities of color that created it, emphasizing access and music literacy for low-income people, people of color, and youth.
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